Life Lessons I’ve Learned From My Cat

…you can’t teach cats to do anything.  No, not a thing.  You might think you can, but that is because you’ve misunderstood what’s going on.  You think it’s the cat turning up obediently at the back door at ten o’clock for dinner.  From the cat’s point, a blob on legs has been trained to take a tin out of the fridge every night. (Terry Pratchett)


Don’t sweat the past. There may have been some traumatic stuff that happened yesterday, but today is a brand new day. Scratch some dirt over it and move on.

Napping is a terribly important part of any day.

You have to be curious about stuff. Even the things you’ve seen a thousand times can be interesting when seen in the right way.

Just quietly staring at someone can make them do what you want them to do.

Vomit really should be someone else’s problem.

Sometimes you just have to go a little bit crazy.

If you like something, show that you do.

If you don’t like something sometimes you just have to be honest and hiss.

Unpredictability can be enchanting.

You don’t always have to follow instructions.

You can appreciate company while still being aloof.

Being outside is nice.

Fireworks suck.

Try to maintain your dignity – even if you do something stupid.

Smile with your eyes.

Try not to close your doors. It’s important to have an escape. Just in case.

There really is no reason to trust long, slithery things.

You can do pretty much whatever you want to – so long as you cuddle from time to time.

Spiders? Nope.

Trees like to be climbed.

Sometimes you just have to do unpleasant things. Lift it, lick it, and move on.