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Innovation Apologies: Newness is Messy

From a few of my more popular posts you may have surmised that I am some kind of innovation guru. Or that I have successfully walked the path and can now look back, stroke my beard, and tell you how … Continue reading


Computer Literacy Quiz for Teachers

Are you computer literate and ready for the digital revolution? Take this quiz to find out: (To open in a separate window, click here)


Lite Beer: Google Classroom Revisited

Dorian Love has another look at Google Classroom: I have previously declared myself an avid Moodler, and this has not changed. However, most of the teachers in my school have swung over to Google Classroom, many from Edmodo, and so I … Continue reading


5 Surprising Advantages of Marking Longer Answers Using Google Forms & Sheets (Guest Post By Michael Caplan)

This post by my colleague Mike Caplan is re-blogged from the original on my dynamic new school’s blog. I think he is onto something really interesting… 5 Advantages of Marking Longer Answers Using Google Forms and Sheets (By Michael Caplan, … Continue reading

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Quotes for Free Thinkers

I’ll just leave these here.  


Acronyms for Dysfunctional Schools

Dysfunctional schools are not necessarily under-resourced schools. In fact, many struggling schools do amazing things with minimal resources. And many affluent schools simply cannot seem to get it right, despite having the best of everything. (That said, severely under-supported and … Continue reading

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Flipped Music Theory Classroom

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Originally posted on Redhill Teachers' Idea Board:
By Angie Mullins Teaching music in a classroom setting can be very challenging. Students who have played a musical instrument for many years (and completed practical and theory exams) are placed in the…


Psychopathic schools

A wonderful post about slowing things down at schools… Some of my boarding school colleagues have a frenzied start to the day. Overseeing morning roll call in a fog of morning breath, checking that all the boys are present and … Continue reading


Bloom’s Taxonomy: Thinking Group Questions

Bloom’s Taxonomy Thinking Questions: On the most basic level, is the ability to recall the same thing as knowledge? Why? Bloom’s is often imagined as a pyramid or a hierarchy, moving from the simpler skills to the more advanced. Could … Continue reading

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It’s About Time: Flipped Teaching, Forms, Flubaroo & Google Classroom

Originally posted on Redhill Teachers' Idea Board:
(By Barbara Williamson) * TECHIE OF THE WEEK! * ? Fortunately I have always been able to learn a couple of tricks using computers relatively quickly… as long as it involves working with…


Mr H’s Edtech Resources

A collection of resources for integrating technology into teaching and learning. Source: Mr H’s Edtech Resources – Edtech resources

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How Innovative is My School? (Updated)

How Innovative is My School?   Update: This questionnaire is now less than 30 actual questions in place of over 70.   This should provoke some interesting debates! Give it a try and let me know what you think. It … Continue reading

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Top Schools: The Most Innovative High Schools in South Africa (2017)

This is a list of the most innovative, child-centered, forward-looking high schools in the country. Continue reading

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What is a ‘Quality’ Education? (Advice for Policy-Makers on Implementing the New Sustainable Development Goal for Education)

(See the full infographic here)   I love the United Nations's new Global Goals for Sustainable Development (GGSDs). I'm one of those strange people who is always optimistic that a better world is within our reach (perhaps because I spend … Continue reading

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A Controversial Intelligence Test

Are you brave enough? (Warning: not for the morally sensitive)

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7 Logical Fallacies Simplified

  Circular Argument A circular argument is one in which the conclusion is essentially the same thing as the step or steps which go beforehand. In other words, the conclusion is already part of the preceding argument. The form of … Continue reading


Cat Report Card

My delightful and vivacious wife-like girlfriend sent me this about our cat, The Tigger (Real name: Gandalf Solo Twinkle-Toes). I’m publishing it because I think it’s so cool…          


The Benefits of Chess

Originally posted on Moves for Life Blog:
“According to research, Test scores improved by 17.3% for students regularly engaged in chess classes, compared with only 4.6% for children participating in other forms of enriched activities,” states 4-time World Champion Susan…


The New School: Twenty-First Century Pedagogical Priorities for Students and Teachers

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5 unfortunate misunderstandings that almost all educators have about Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Originally posted on Granted, and…:
Admit it: you only read the list of the six levels of the Taxonomy, not the whole book that explains each level and the rationale behind the Taxonomy. Not to worry, you are not alone:…