21st Century Blessings

Got any to add? Please do so below.

Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com
  • May you find unlimited streaming playlists full of the music you love.
  • May you get many endorphins from your social media swipes.
  • May the Google algorithm be ever in your favor.
  • May you always have exactly the right reaction gif.
  • May your on-line gaming experiences be teen free.
  • May your security settings protect you from evil.
  • May your hashtag searches be free of idiots.
  • May your sub-Reddit comments be clever and funny.
  • May your social media followers be real people.
  • May your LinkedIn profile help you to get the job you want.
  • May your phone’s hardware outlive its software.
  • May your contact details be forever purged from spammer databases.
  • May your devices always charge weirdly fast.
  • May the last 5% battery life last as long as you need it to.
  • May you always remember to backup just before a critical hardware failure.
  • May you not have any critical hardware failures.
  • May your spreadsheet formulae work exactly as you want them to.
  • May your digital presentations be enthralling.
  • May you always have the right charging cable within arm’s reach.
  • May you be forever immune to the temptations of clickbait.
  • May your pop-up blocker be robust and reliable.
  • May your television streaming service always have the best content.
  • May your random YouTube searches not spoil your algorithm.
  • May your WiFi speed be true.
  • May the ratings on your Amazon searches be real.
  • May your current phone model be as good as the next three versions, so you don’t need to upgrade.
  • May the artificial intelligence overlords find your skills essential after the machine revolution.
  • May your RAM be ever sufficient.
  • May your filter bubbles and echo chambers be challenged – but only when you want them to be.
  • May the email address you chose decades ago not be embarrassing.
  • May all your devices sync smoothly.
  • May the ethical decision-making program in your self-driving car choose to save you in an accident.
  • May your face appear spookily photogenic during Zoom calls.
  • Wishing you a zero inbox.
  • May Waze guide you quickly and easily around traffic.
  • May your calls be messages instead.
  • May Steam sales favour your wishlist.
  • May your phone’s photo and video storage space be infinite.
  • May all your digital storage space be infinite.
  • May your Uber driver be truly comfortable with not chatting.
  • May you not be unfollowed and always well upvoted.
  • May you find the perfect app for that.
  • May your memes be wholesome.
  • May you earn as many fake internet points as you want.
  • May Netflix never adapt your favorite comic series.
  • May speech recognition understand your accent.
  • May your Word documents autosave.
  • Wishing you zero lag.
  • May your resolution be high.
  • May your thumbs be nimble.
  • May your level-ups be rapid.
Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

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