ClassCraft FTW! (Why ClassCraft is the Best Thing to Happen to Education Since the iPad)

ClassCraft is simply awesome!
I’ve been using it now for a few months and I have been amazed at how it increases engagement in my class.
Developed by high school Physics teacher Shawn Young, and successfully crowd-funded, ClassCraft is revolutionizing classrooms around the world by gamifying the learning experience.
(Not familiar with gamification in the classroom? Check out this post for an introduction.)
Specifically, this is what I LURV about ClassCraft:
  • It’s free! (Although the paid option is so cheap and the product so wonderful it’s difficult to think of a reason why you wouldn’t pay for it. I am currently on the Freemium option but I will be having that budget discussion with my headmaster soon.)
  • Students earn Experience Points for positive behavior and suffer immediate Health Point losses for less desirable behavior. These can be customized and / or ad hoc and they can be added or deducted on the fly. (I try to have my iPad handy to do this. ClassCraft works well in OS Safari and there is an iPhone app.)
  • Setting up classes is quick and easy.
  • My students and I figured out how to play very quickly (and there’s tons of support from the ClassCraft team).
  • Students can customize their characters as they earn more coins (which they get from earning XP). There are three different character classes to choose from and many, many different costume combinations for students to earn. They can even buy and train pets.
  • As a reward for amassing XP, students can gain real-life ‘powers’ on various levels of achievement. These, like almost everything else In ClassCraft, can be customized to the teacher’s specifications.
  • Marks can be added and become part of the game. Students who earn above the minimum are rewarded, and those who are under-prepared take damage.
  • There’s a very cool student and group random selector called The Wheel of Destiny. (Round and round she goes, where she stops, no-one knows.)
  • Students work in teams I call ‘Guilds’. They can collaborate to heal one another or protect one another from damage if HP needs to be deducted, or they can earn rewards for working well together.
  • The interface is just so darn cool!
  • Teachers can get analytics on each individual student’s progress.
  • There’s also a forum for teachers and students to exchange ideas, research, and resources with one another.
  • Random Events keep students on their toes. (These can also be customized.)
  • Students love the gamified learning experience!
Go on and give ClassCraft a try. Your students will be so glad you did!
ClassCraft for the win!







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