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How to Build a Teacher in 10 Steps

Introduction: On Touchstones and Magic Right now there is an aspiring teacher who is working on a 60-page paper based on some age-old education theory developed by some dead education professor wondering to herself what this task that she’s engaging … Continue reading

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What is Critical Thinking & How Do You Improve It?

  What is Critical Thinking? In a nutshell, critical thinking is not believing anything… unless the evidence for it is sound. Encoded in this definition are three elements: A sustained skeptical attitude towards the ideas and information which come your … Continue reading

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How to Stop Being Stupid (Part 3: Back to Basics)

Back to Basics Part 1 of How to Stop Being Stupid here Part 2 here

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In Which He Expounds on the Differences Between Newbs and N00bs

Let's begin with this scruffy little thing from : Contrary to the belief of many, a noob/n00b and a newbie/newb are not the same thing. Newbs are those who are new to some task and are very beginner at … Continue reading

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Expand Your Consciousness In Four Steps

Expand Your Consciousness In Four Two Steps   STEP ONE: Because at some stage of your life you are going to anyway, try any combination of the following New Age 'consciousness-raising' techniques:

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The Good Employee Guide

  Want to be a good worker drone? Want to get that promotion to middle management? Want to fly beneath the radar and avoid stirring up controversy? Want a dull and uneventful working life? Then this guide is for you! … Continue reading

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What Makes a Top School?

We all know them: Those minority of schools which for some reason (or combination of reasons) stand out in the collective imagination as ‘top schools’. The ones every other school wants to emulate in some way or another. The ones … Continue reading

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Naked Monkey Freaky Smart Stuff: Six of the Best and Most Accessible and Most Interesting Podcasts That Are Better Than Idols

It's been four years since I got turned on to podcasts. I listen to new episodes on my commute to and from work, during my admin periods, while I'm blogging and just about whenever I can stitch a few moments … Continue reading

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The Most Unusual and Necessary Piece of EdTech Advice Nobody Else Will Tell You

So you’re integrating technology into your teaching? Great decision! You’ll find heaps online on how to use technology to enhance teaching and learning. You’ll also find a great deal on how to set up your infrastructure effectively and how to … Continue reading

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Hey Teacher: Stop Thinking & Do Some Work

(Your results may vary) I’ve been thinking quite a lot about thinking of late. Specifically, I’ve been researching the power of giving students time to think and to reflect – both about the content and skills we teach, as well … Continue reading

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The Kind of Kid I Prefer to Teach

I don't care about how well you do in your tests and exams. I don't care about how much time / money / effort you put into your assignments. I don't care about how well-behaved you are, or how well … Continue reading

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Heal Thyself: What Good Teachers Can Teach Bad Doctors

We only meet them at our weakest moments. We trust them to make the right diagnosis and to help us get healthy again. They are among society’s most venerated figures. It seems almost sacrilegious to suggest that there would be … Continue reading

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Be The Knight

The knight is unique. It is the most nimble piece there is. It alone can bound over others and it moves in unusual and interesting ways. Properly placed, it can defend and attack multiple other pieces at once. It is an essential (and hugely under-valued) component of any properly executed strategy. Even the queen, who relies so much on brute force, is incapable of doing what the knight can do. Continue reading

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Whispers and Whoops: How to Get as Smart as a Brick

Who doesn’t love Brick Heck? He’s so cute and quirky (*Softly whisper the word QUIRKY into your chest – because it comforts you.*) In case you don’t know, Brick is the youngest son of Mike and Frankie Heck – a … Continue reading

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How to Learn Better (30 Brain-Friendly Tips & Techniques)

Try these neurologically nifty techniques to improve your learning…

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25 Questions Every 21st Century Student Should Be Able to Answer

  What is the value of creativity? How do I evaluate the reliability of a website? How do I stay safe online? Why is metacognition important? How do I learn most effectively? How do I create an engaging presentation? How … Continue reading

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Dear Teacher: Welcome to Teaching. You’re Going to Like It Here.

Dear teacher*: Now that I have scoffed at your youthful enthusiasm and use of university lingo the customary fifty-four times, it falls to me to welcome you officially into the fellowship. I know you are still running on adrenaline and … Continue reading

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To the Class of 2014: Life Is Long, Do Something Big

  Dear Class of 2014 In just a few short weeks, your time at school will be over. And that time is going to fly. In many ways, though, the rapid passing of the final part of your schooling sets … Continue reading

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10 Things That Sucking at Chess Has Taught Me About Life

10 Things That Sucking at Chess Has Taught Me About Life ♚ The Game I love playing chess. Mostly because it seems that I am involved in a very tiny way in one of the greatest collective intellectual achievements of … Continue reading

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10 Things I Want Parents To Know About School

If you tell your child that school and learning are not that important in the grand scheme of things, and if you are never curious about anything, and if your entertainment choices involve more mindless television than enlightening reading, and if you close off avenues of thought for your kids through your own narrow-mindedness, and if you are bigoted and biased – how can you expect me to broaden your child’s mind? Continue reading

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