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Expand Your Consciousness In Four Steps

Expand Your Consciousness In Four Two Steps   STEP ONE: Because at some stage of your life you are going to anyway, try any combination of the following New Age 'consciousness-raising' techniques: Advertisements

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To the Class of 2014: Life Is Long, Do Something Big

  Dear Class of 2014 In just a few short weeks, your time at school will be over. And that time is going to fly. In many ways, though, the rapid passing of the final part of your schooling sets … Continue reading

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10 Things That Sucking at Chess Has Taught Me About Life

10 Things That Sucking at Chess Has Taught Me About Life ♚ The Game I love playing chess. Mostly because it seems that I am involved in a very tiny way in one of the greatest collective intellectual achievements of … Continue reading

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What the ‘Afterlife’ Can Teach You About Life

I love Radiolab. It is in my top twenty list of my favorite things ever. (I list which includes my wife-like girlfriend, pizza, tigers and the ocean.) Recently, I happened to catch an old podcast about the afterlife. It featured … Continue reading

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Why Birthdays Are Humbug (Except for Cheeseburgers & Granadilla Cakes)

Let’s get right to it: Don’t you hate those office whip-arounds and teas where everyone donates money and best wishes for a mom-to-be as she departs on maternity leave? You always feel compelled to give something because everyone else is … Continue reading

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Fear Itself

We’re addicted to fear. Even in the age of science and reason, we love a good scare. Who hasn’t pulled the covers up a little higher after watching a particularly frightening horror movie – or tucked their legs up just … Continue reading

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Thumbs Up

According to a new poll, President Obama’s approval rating has dropped to just over 40% with only around 2000 of adults surveyed giving him the ‘thumbs up’. You and I see nothing wrong with giving the president the thumbs up. … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Point

Well, I think so anyway:

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Of Steinbeck and the Joy of Extended Pleasures

I want to talk about John Steinbeck.

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Messages in Time (The Secret Thing & The Desiderata)

A Letter to Future Me Sent: October 2013 Delivery Date: November 2028 Was I right? Did the world change as much as I thought it would? Did empty entertainment give way to ubiquitous learning and quiet contemplation? Did we manage … Continue reading

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Advice to Young Men

  Gentlemen. We need to talk. Pay attention. As you make your way in the world you may think that being a man means being ‘hardcore’ or ‘gangsta’ or ‘a playa’ something equally stupid. It doesn’t. Being a man means … Continue reading

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Why I Teach (Part 1)

I teach to see the lights go on behind young people’s eyes when they discover something new about the world.

I teach to awaken them to what they can really do if they try.

I teach to show them that there isn’t always an easy solution, and that appreciating ambiguity and uncertainty is often worth more than easy answers… Continue reading

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Advice to the Class of 2013

As you finish your school career and start the next phase of your life, I thought I’d share some advice with you. You don’t have to lead a conventional life. You don’t need a conventional relationship, or a conventional job, … Continue reading

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Living Strategically: 50 Lessons Chess Teaches You About Life

*** 1. In chess, every move has a purpose. Life obviously cannot be lived with this much unceasing calculation, nor should we want to live it that way, but there are times when we must align our actions with a … Continue reading

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