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Why Not Do It Differently? A New Organisational Recipe for Schools

Almost anywhere in the world, schools follow a fairly predictable management recipe which goes something like this: THE TRADITIONAL RECIPE Take 1 x Principal Add 2 or 3 Deputy Principals to taste Mix in a dozen Head Teachers or Heads … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Google: What About Africa?

Dear Google You have broken so many rules. You do things so differently. You are the first and last word in innovation. You are slowly making the world a better place. Well, most of the world anyway. You see, it … Continue reading

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Why Success Leads to Failure (Steve Jobs & the End of the World)

Let’s talk about Steve Jobs. I think enough time has gone by since his passing that we can move beyond the mystique and be brutally honest. What Jobs teaches us, on a fundamental level, is that to be successful in … Continue reading

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