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How to Build a Teacher in 10 Steps

Introduction: On Touchstones and Magic Right now there is an aspiring teacher who is working on a 60-page paper based on some age-old education theory developed by some dead education professor wondering to herself what this task that she’s engaging … Continue reading

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The Titan Imperative: A Young Man Discovers His Own Brilliance (And Inspires His Teacher).

The following passages are excerpted from a website created by a young man called Titan, whom I met in one of my Grade 8 Computer classes in 2012. As you read through his thoughts and reflections on what he learnt this year, you will be struck at how much he has to say about me. I am humbled and inspired by his kind words. But look a little beyond his generous compliments, and you will see that what he has actually discovered is his own brilliance. Titan truly did live up to his name this year. All I did was challenge him to do so. Continue reading

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