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Interactive Fiction: The Coolest Way to Teach Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Ethics, Social Skills, Consequential Thinking, & Engaged Literacy

Holiday time and I'm catching up on those downloaded apps I haven't really had time to play with yet. And then I come across the interactive fiction folder I created in January. In particular, an 'app-story' called MetaHuman caught my … Continue reading

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Social Media Explained (A Quick and Nasty Guide)

So I've seen this thing a few times. (I'm not really sure where it comes from, and a reverse Google image search didn't help much. If it's yours, give me a shout and I'll update this.) I thought I'd try … Continue reading

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This is Jamie

This is Jamie Jamie is a boy. He's a boy boy. He's 14 and getting a bit gangly after a recent growth spurt. He's energetic, he's rambunctious, he's a bit naughty, and he battles to sit still. Jamie has spirit. … Continue reading

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Questions for John Hattie About Visible Learning and What Works in Education

Image Source: Dear Professor Hattie (Or Other Visible Learning Expert) Let me make this clear at the outset: I think many of the ideas and findings in Visible Learning are useful and encouraging. I am a little concerned, though, … Continue reading

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The Four Best Mobile Device Management ‘Apps’ to Keep Students On-Task and Safe in a 1:1 Learning Environment

  I'll start with the spoiler: There are no recommended apps here. Why not? Well, simply because I believe that as important as it is to keep kids safe in a 1:1 environment, to keep them from seeing unsuitable content, … Continue reading

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On Taking the Time to Sharpen Your Axe


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What is Creativity in Education Really All About?

So we all want to become more creative teachers. But what does creativity in education really mean? Is it about making worksheets look prettier? Is it about teachers standing on tables and being more exuberant? Is it about loosening things … Continue reading

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8 Ways to Help Your Kids to Become Better Critical Thinkers (A Guide for Parents)

  The ability to think clearly, logically and independently are key skills in the modern world. Not only will young people need to think critically in order to sparkle in the workplace, but they will also need to do so … Continue reading

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10 Words Teachers Use That Make Me Grumpy

Let's jump right in…   Grit There's nothing wrong with helping kids to develop a sense of determination and resilience. Too often though, the word 'grit' becomes a form of victim blaming, with schools (and society) defending their outdated (and … Continue reading

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A Better Way to Sell Reading to Teenagers

Instead of telling teens that reading is important because it will make them smarter and improve their grades, why not tap into their inherent desire to be independent, different and rebellious? If a teen asks why reading is important, tell … Continue reading

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Why It’s Time to Stop Being Prissy About American English

So this thing's doing the rounds again: When I was at school in Johannesburg, I was penalized for writing words like penalized with a 'z' (pronounced 'zed' – not 'zee'). Color was colour, favorite was favourite and even a cookie … Continue reading

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13 Alternative iPad Presentation Apps (That Aren’t Keynote, PowerPoint or Prezi)

Don't get me wrong, I do love Keynote. I was one of those who actually paid for it way back when I got one of those original iPads. And then Prezi came along and blew our minds. And finally, Microsoft … Continue reading

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Technology Integration: 24 Lessons Learned (One Term In)

  So I've been working for three months now to bolster the integration of technology at my new school. In essence, my job is to encourage teachers to integrate technology in meaningful ways in a streamlined, pedagogically sound way. Now, … Continue reading

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The Cheeky Philosophy of NationStates

I've been playing NationStates for just over a year now. An amazingly simple, yet somehow deeply addictive on-line game, you basically play by setting up your own nation and then making a few decisions every day. Guns or flowers? Coal … Continue reading

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Apps for Education: Adobe’s Awesome iPad App Suite

I've been playing around with some of Adobe's iPad apps. There are quite a few of them in the App Store and they're all free. And they're actually pretty good.

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The Ant

This morning there was an ant in the bath. I think she came in because she was thirsty. She was skittering around the drain where there was a thin sliver of water from the dripping tap. It's been a very … Continue reading

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Hope Over Fear: On the Importance of a Connected Global Community

Here's Mark Zuckerberg on the importance of a globally connected world (as opposed to a Trumpian* 'walled world').   We stand for connecting every person — for a global community, for bringing people together, for giving all people a voice, … Continue reading

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How to Change Minds: 7 Gentler Persuasive Strategies

In disputes upon moral or scientific points, ever let your aim be to come at truth, not to conquer your opponent. So you never shall be at a loss in losing the argument, and gaining a new discovery. Arthur Martine … Continue reading

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24 Things Gaming Can Teach Us About Real Life

  Whatever the format, whatever the genre, every day, digital games engage millions of people from a multitude of backgrounds, ages, ethnicities and lifestyles. And yes, there are a few evils associated with gaming, but these are mostly related to … Continue reading

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Teaching Freedom: Why a Liberal Education is an Essential Component of a Progressive Education

  What is it to be liberal? My definition runs as follows: Liberalism is a world view that espouses the values of freedom, democracy and equality. Encoded into the term as a political system are the notions of social welfare, … Continue reading

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