20 Things I Love About Living in a Technology-Drenched World


My clever Apple TV can stream programs for me when I want to watch them. And it even can turn my TV on and off automatically.

With almost all my payments and bills handled electronically, I don’t really need a postal address and I seldom have to go to a boring old bank in person.


I can get into my car and it connects to my phone automatically and starts playing me music or an audio-book. And when I get a call, it pauses whatever I’m playing and lets me talk hands-free.

My Kindle stands ready to download almost any new title I want. And I can highlight passages I love. No longer do I have to order physical books I can’t find down on the southern tip of Africa and wait an eternity for them to arrive.


I have a little machine that makes me (almost) barista-quality coffee at the touch of a button.

I can start editing a document on one device, and then continue on my phone, and then switch back to another device.


My online calendar gives me a little nudge whenever I have to do something important.

The internet allows me to find resources and ideas that used to take hours and even months to find. And then there’s all of those wonderful serendipitous discoveries to be made.

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The customized news I want comes to me.

I’ve always battled to find those quirky games I really like playing. Enter Steam and online purchases and downloads. Same thing with music.


Waze. It’s awesome.

Ditto Netflix.

I have fewer and fewer digital files I actually need to keep. Most I just download as I need to. But when I do need to back things up, I have more free cloud storage than I actually need.

I love coming home to a package containing something I ordered online mere days ago.


My little e-cigarette gives me a chocolate and vanilla-flavored nicotine fix without the bad smell of normal cigarettes.

With all my little energy saving gadgets around the house, I’m actually using less electricity than ever.

It’s really easy to do something about both good and bad service by writing an online review. And I can use these to avoid bad experiences – as well as to find good ones.

I hardly have to recycle paper anymore – because I don’t use much.

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It’s so easy to find and engage with people and communities around the world who share my interests.

As an introvert, my relationships with other people are better than ever, simply because I can text more and talk less.

Tech helps me to engage my students better than ever.