You Know You’re a Geeky Teacher When…

(By the way, being called a geeky anything is a compliment these days. In case you didn’t know.)

You Know You’re a Geeky Teacher When…

You email developers with suggestions for making their apps better.

You know what IFTTT does.

You have Lego in your class and you’re not afraid to use it.

You love sketch-noting. Digitally.

You know / make / use memes in your lessons.

You have an Alice Keeler mini-shrine.

You can speak meme.

You can happily spend hours working out complicated formulae on a spreadsheet. Often just for kicks.

You incorporate the latest fad into your teaching rather than banning it.

You have Google’s release Calendar synced with your own.

You know what syncing means.

You don’t understand why people don’t use a Google Form for that.

You admire people who share a good script almost as much as you do humanitarians.

You know that kids typing assignments actually improves their spelling and grammar.

You often get stuck on YouTube or Wikipedia when you went there to look something up.

You know what Snopes is.

You’ve translated something into Klingon or Elvish.

You own at least one figurine.

You love Radiolab.

You work with at least two cloud backup systems.

You have at least three internet connected devices.

You haven’t been bored since you were at university.

Setting up a cool collaborative, interactive hyperdoc excites you more than it should.

The idea of coding intrigues you even if you don’t know how to code yourself.

The idea of having a robot do your job actually sounds quite interesting.

You find yourself asking how and why more than what, when, and where.

You would much rather try and fix a piece of broken classroom equipment than buy a new one.

You fall asleep thinking about that BreakOutEdu lesson you want to create.

The educational toys you buy are as much for you as they are for your students.

You wish there was an app for that.

You watch other teachers doing something and you know there is an app for that.

You have at least 10 different ways of randomly picking names.

You have at least 5 different classroom playlists.

Your Chrome browser looks like something out of StarTrek.

You’re angry when your students don’t have their phones in class.

You have a Steam account.

You know that gamification isn’t about using Minecraft in your class.

You feel naked when you don’t have your tablet under your arm.

You play with the ‘Explore’ button in Sheets just for fun.

You have 20 or more folders / rules / filters running on your inbox.

You get as excited as your kids when a new sci-fi movie comes out. (And you threaten them with vaporization for spoilers.)

You can quote the latest movie or song ironically.

You’ve got 20 styli and all you need is a pen.

You’ve worked on a cloud-based document on at least three different devices on the same day.

You think Prezi is as passé as PowerPoint.

You wish reality had hyperlinks.

Every year you are disappointed all over again when haptic technology still hasn’t gone mainstream.

You use virtual and augmented reality in your lessons.

You’ve actually used a chess tactic in real life.

The word ‘wireless’ gives you a little quiver of pleasure.

Not having wifi is worse than not having coffee.

You spend more time geeking out with your online friends than you do with people in real life.

I’m sure there must be more. Any suggestions?