Tech Tools: Have You Tried? (5:Accessibility Settings)


An often-overlooked feature of most tablets and smart devices, accessibility settings are incredibly useful in education.

The best thing is to try the various options to see what they do. (You can always turn them off again.)


Here are some things you can do:

  1. Have your device read text to you. (For those teachers who do a lot of reading, research, you can speed the voice up quite a bit. With some practice, you can get through long articles incredibly quickly.)
  2. For struggling readers and students who struggle to focus, the text reading function helps to focus their attention. Use ‘Alex’ for the best results (He even breathes naturally!)
  3. Students with visual impairments can zoom parts of the screen, or, when typing, the text that is typed. The zoom function even comes with filters to assist with other visual impairments.
  4. There are also options for students with psycho-motor and hearing difficulties.

Showing something on an iPad to a class or some other audience? Enable ZOOM and SHOW CONTROLLER to get something that looks like this:


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