Espresso Idea: Great Teachers Are Not in it to Be Remembered


Espresso Ideas: Small but strong ideas to make you sit up and say ‘yeah!’ (Also known as wasabi ideas)

Yes, every teacher does make an impact on a child’s life. And the best of us make a lasting difference.

But the most lasting gift a teacher can give to a child is to get them to think they did it all on their own, to build their own sense of independence, self-worth and confidence so that it is the child who stands on their own and goes on to forge their own path – and to make a difference in the world.

Most often, this involves standing back, only offering guidance, correction, a kind word and a gesture or two of encouragement.

So what if they don’t remember how they became successful? So what if they never look back?

We are who we are because of the great teachers we have had. And they are who they are because of their selfless devotion towards helping us become better people.

We teach for life and for the betterment of humanity, not for for our egos.

We teach for the future, not the past.


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