What Happens When Kids Design Their Own Competency Descriptors

When Kids Design Their Own Competency Descriptors (With Thanks to Ronel Hugo)

Our Preparatory School teachers are deep in the throes of preparing for student lead conferences. Because we are long longer working with grades, we are focused heavily on skills.

One of our superb Afrikaans teachers, Ronel Hugo, decided that she would get her students to collaborate on redesigning their own descriptors. Rather than teacher-based competency descriptors, she thought it would be a good idea to let her students collaborate to decide on how best to describe their skill levels in various aspects of second language learning.

Here’s what they came up with:


What I especially like about the descriptors they decided on is how the help level goes from ‘I need help from my teacher’ to ‘I need someone to help me’ to ‘I can help others’. Not only does this describe competency levels, but it also details a different type of collaborative class dynamic.

Ronel also has a more detailed reflection sheet where the kids are asked about their favorite parts of each particular section, as well as to provide strategies they can use to improve their skill level in each aspect of learning their second language.

The level of metacognition and reflection involved here is wonderful.


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