Google Sites as a Digital Portfolio and Showcase for Learning (Guest Post)



The following post is from Mr Mitchell More – a dynamic middle school English and History teacher at Redhill School.


This year in History, the Grade 7s are busy creating their own Google Sites based on the work we are doing throughout Term 2 and 3. This is an ongoing process.

The process started off with me recording a video for them on how to create a Google Site. (It’s really easy.)

Then the fun happens:

Firstly, students work in groups of four to develop the look and feel and structure of the site. (We obviously give them hands-on guidance and information to assist them in this aspect of website creation.) They then create sub-pages for the sub-topics we cover, and then adjust headings and themes. The History teachers also show them the site that I set up as a guideline.

(As an example, the topic for Term 2 is the Transatlantic Slave Trade. This will be one of the ‘main pages’ and the ‘sub-pages’ will be the topics and themes we cover in class under this main topic. So in the main page they should have some short description of the slave trade, and the the first sub-page will be the story of Olaudah Equiano.)

Students are also tasked with getting more information than just the outline their History teachers give them. They have to ensure that this information is reliable, and to rephrase and bring together this information in their own way. (They have to provide hyperlinks to their sources.)

The sites they produce this way will then work as their history portfolio for this year.

As they do individual classwork, something like an essay or an analysis, each item needs to be published on their site under as a sub-page, once their work is marked and suggested changes have been implemented.

Unfortunately, we cannot share the link to the site with the outside world as we would like to protect the privacy of our students, but there is a screenshot of the site at the top of this post.

We look forward to watching what the Grade 7s produce Mr More!


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  1. Kemble Elliott says:

    Great stuff! I love the creation of content for public view. It really helps to up the students’ game.

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