Espresso Idea: Why More Teachers Should Blog


Espresso Ideas: Small but strong ideas to make you sit up and say ‘yeah!’ (Also known as wasabi ideas)

Spend more than half an hour with any random teacher and you’ll walk away with at least one cool new idea.

And I’m always the guy who says “You should share that idea with the world!”

Some of the braver ones do.

But most teachers think that their ideas are somehow not good enough to share. Or that someone must already be doing what they’re doing. 

There are so many ideas that regular non-blogging teachers have that other teachers around the world would love.

I know teachers who teach Grade Ones to code, who engage in philosophical discussions with Grade 3s, who lead Middle School students on historical murder mysteries using augmented reality, who use robots to teach literature, who have created low cost learner-friendly furniture, who create makers’ spaces out of cardboard and masking tape, and who have created entire blended learning platforms. 

I’m in touch with teachers around the world who are outdoor learning specialists, creativity domos, brain specialists, and magicians. And I wish everyone could see the amazing things they’re doing.

So get to it teachers! Start a blog. Share some espresso ideas. Or even some fancier cappuccino revelations. (WordPress and Blogger are relatively simple to use, but you can also micro-blog on Twitter.) It’s time to get your ideas out into the world!

(An open invitation: If you don’t want to create a blog, consider sending me your post and your details and I will potentially publish your guest post on this blog. Keep it short and sweet and send me a few pics. Post a reply below and I’ll be in contact.)


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