Espresso Ideas: What About The Mind? (Rethinking Makerspaces and Learning Spaces at Schools)

Espresso Ideas: Small but strong ideas to make you sit up and say ‘yeah!’ (Also known as wasabi ideas)

Schools are embracing the idea of makerspaces along with their more general openness towards reimagining how classrooms look and feel. 

We want learning environments that are more obviously student-centered and which encourage tinkering, experimentation and hands-on learning.

But the real learning space is the one inside our minds. We need as strong a focus on children’s thinking environments as we have on their physical ones.

As much as we need kids to tinker, play, create and experiment in the real world, we also need them to learn to tinker, play, create and experiment with ideas inside their own heads. Renovating young people’s mental spaces by bringing in rational thought, imagination, and deep consideration has to be at least as important as a less structured classroom layout.

As nice as it would be to have nifty tables and couches and tools and gadgets in our classrooms, nicer would be if we had an environment more conducive to nurturing and growing young minds.

New collaborative and creative pedagogies are a great way to knock out a few walls and open up our students’ mental learning spaces. And to support this, well-chosen educational technologies and software which support these pedagogies can make a damp, cold and dark thinking environment a fresh, warm and open one.

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