13 Alternative iPad Presentation Apps (That Aren’t Keynote, PowerPoint or Prezi)

Don't get me wrong, I do love Keynote. I was one of those who actually paid for it way back when I got one of those original iPads. And then Prezi came along and blew our minds. And finally, Microsoft (finally) gave us a pretty darn good version of PowerPoint – which I also use – often, and shamelessly. They're really great apps, all three of them.

But there are a few other really good presentation apps out there which you can use to build engaging content.

(Note: There are one or two other apps that do what these do, but I am not recommending them because I find them either too unreliable or difficult to use.)

In no particular order:


Google Slides

Why? Because it's collaborative. Slides should actually be classified with Keynote, PowerPoint and Prezi, but it isn't generally used by as many people, in my limited experience. And it should be.

Haiku Deck

You know when you wished you could just put a presentation together and have the programme find images and design everything nicely for you. Haiku Deck does.

For a gentler presentation experience.
Present and explain live or record your explainer video. One of the top ten most useful apps on the App Store.
Mainly used by teachers, but with a bit of imagination, Nearpod could be used as a new type of interactive presentation experience.
I've written before about Adobe's cool free apps for iPads. Slate is one of the cooler ones.

Adobe Voice

Another seriously cool and easy to use Adobe app.

VideoScribe Anywhere

VideoScribe should have been everyone's go-to presentation app. It should have been an essential on everyone's iPad. But, alas, they were slow to respond to the original app's failings. VideoScribe Anywhere is a more user-friendly version. It still has its problems, but when you pull it off, your presentations will look seriously awesome. I still love it, despite its problems and low rating on the App Store. Works best as part of an appsmash project.

A relatively new addition to the App Store. Seems cool.
So that's what happened to SlideShare. ( I've added it to this list more out of nostalgia than anything.)
Make video slideshows.
The best named app on this list! Create explainer videos.
A really interesting way of throwing together a presentation.


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  1. EduCreations is fantastic too. Students of mine have used it to upload pics, write, draw and record voice-over too. Great free app.


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