Bloom’s Taxonomy: Thinking Group Questions


Bloom’s Taxonomy Thinking Questions:

  1. On the most basic level, is the ability to recall the same thing as knowledge? Why?
  2. Bloom’s is often imagined as a pyramid or a hierarchy, moving from the simpler skills to the more advanced. Could / should we imagine it differently? If so, how and why?
  3. The ultimate aim of Bloom’s taxonomy is to foster critical, creative and independent thinking. Do you agree with this statement? (Explain your answer.)
  4. Bloom’s isn’t always just about the verbs. What other factors could influence the cognitive demands of a question?
  5. How can we prepare students to be able to answer a fuller range of questions in class (without necessarily resorting to using past papers).
  6. Is the ability to look up facts almost instantly on Google going to change our use of Bloom’s?
  7. Bloom’s is described as a being ‘one way’ – meaning that teachers merely have to think of compatible questions for their students. Do you think teachers themselves need to model especially higher order thinking in their own lives?
  8. Higher order questions often require value judgements from students. Do you think this is fair? What happens when the teacher’s values clash with those of a particular student?
  9. According to Bloom’s knowledge comprehension presupposes knowledge, but knowledge does not presuppose comprehension. Is this right?
  10. In the age of ubiquitous information, knowledge must go hand in hand with judgement, analysis, synthesis, assessment and the evaluation of sources. What does this mean for how we use Bloom’s taxonomy?
  11. How can we use Bloom’s to design better, more meaningful, ‘Google proof’ project based learning?
  12. What exactly is meant by ‘creativity’?
  13. If we are going to teach our kids to think critically, is it fair to put certain topics and questions off limits?
  14. If we are going to teach students to analyse effectively, should we be teaching them foundational skills in argumentation, hypothesis formation and logic?
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  1. Kemble says:

    Hi Sean! Love these questions…. and perhaps we should hold an enquiry around one or two of them! Please can we chat. There are a couple of things I would like to interrogate, but need to thrash it out with you face-to-face! Regards Kemble

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