It’s About Time: Flipped Teaching, Forms, Flubaroo & Google Classroom

A wonderful post by a very dynamic teacher!

Redhill Teachers' Idea Board

(By Barbara Williamson) * TECHIE OF THE WEEK! *

Fortunately I have always been able to learn a couple of tricks using computers relatively quickly… as long as it involves working with programmes that I find useful! I love things that make my life easier, especially if teaching becomes more effective at the same time. I certainly don’t enjoy time wasted by using something just for the sake of using it. Although I tried flip my teaching a few years ago when I first was introduced to the idea, most of the Grade 9 guinea pigs I used were not happy with being taken out of their comfort zones, and so I decided not to exert all my energy on something that freaked them out too much. Now they are bigger, and I decided to give it another try in this, their Grade 12 year. Fortuitously, what with our being…

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