10 Alternative EdTech Terms That Make More Sense



“Words used carelessly, as if they did not matter in any serious way, often allowed otherwise well-guarded truths to seep through.”

― Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul


Hello Blogland

So I've been thinking about words lately. Specifically the edtech lexicon. And I think it's time we made a few well placed changes. Here are my suggestions:


Technology Integration > Technology Inclusion

(Integration keeps the new thing as a separate part of the new host, inclusion fuses it completely.)

Edtech > Teachnology

(Born of a typo, but I like it.)


Blended Learning > Hybrid Learning

(In my mind, I always see learning put in a blender when I hear the traditional term.)


BYOD > Open Device

(As in: This school has an open device policy.) It's just so much easier to say.


Twenty-First Century Education > Future-Focussed Education

(I stole this one from my new school.)



Replacement, Amplification & Transformation. (A simpler, more effective model for integrating technology meaningfully into learning.)



(For Global Online Course.) Let's be honest, the original term tried to emulate the term MMORPG but ended up confusing everyone with the double OOs. And many MOOCs are not longer quite so 'Open' anymore anyway.


App Smashing > Mashing or Appshing

(As in: We are mashing / appshing together a presentation for English on our iPads today.)

Electronic Message / Email > Pigeon

(As in: Drop me a pigeon, won't you?)

Digital Citizenship > Digizenship also Digizen

(As in, I am a good digizen.) It's good because it replaces 7 syllables with 4 (and 6 with 3). Plus the 'zen' is more prominent when you speak it out loud – and we could all do with being a bit more zen when we're online.

I don't hold out very high hopes that these will be adopted, but let's see how it goes.




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