What Education in South Africa and Our Ailing Electricity Supply Infrastructure Have in Common


South Africa has a major problem with supplying its citizens with enough power. It also has a problem in supplying a good education to its young people.

Here are a few things both of these problems have in common:

  • The majority of people know there are deep issues in both electricity supply and education, but things tick along well for a while and everyone forgets. And then we get hit with another problem…
  • Many don't realise how pervasive and deep the problem is.
  • The best that officials have been able to do is to introduce stop-gap measures to see us through the short term. The fundamental problems still remain.
  • People with the money to do so turn to privatized solutions.
  • The root cause of both of these problems is the lack of investment. The root cause of this is the lack of long term vision (by both the Apartheid government and the ANC).
  • There are people who are working hard to fix these issues, but they are hampered by political indecisiveness.
  • These problems are causing immense damage to the country's prospects and future competitiveness.
  • The solution involves a deep systemic shift, not more of the same.



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