What is Stupidity? (A Quick Guide for Young People.)


What is stupidity?

Making silly mistakes doesn't make people stupid.

Absent-mindedness and forgetfulness also don't make people stupid.

Not knowing things doesn't make them stupid either.

And doing things the wrong way now and then definitely doesn't make any of us stupid.

Here's what does make people stupid:

When they choose to believe a lie, even when they know the truth (because the lie suits them better).

When they don't learn from their mistakes.

When they assume they know all there is to know.

When they believe they don't make mistakes.

When they stop being curious and stop asking questions.

When they believe things they see or hear too easily.

When they make up their minds too quickly.

When they don't realize that everyone changes and grows, and that our opinions and beliefs can too.

What do you think?



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