20 More iPad Apps for Teaching and Learning Geography & Earth Science

This is a follow up post to one I wrote almost two years ago titled 48 iPad Apps For Teaching & Learning Geography and Earth Science.
All of the apps on the previous list are still around and still working, but what follows are a few I have come across since then.
Touch on the image or app name for each one you're interested in to be taken to the App Store…

GfT (GAR For Tangible Earth)

Track and compare real-time and historic data.

Dynamic Plates

Hands-on learning about plate boundaries.

LittleBig History

A nifty timeline app.

Earth Primer

One of the best apps on this list. Hands-on learning about planet Earth. App description on the App Store:

Discover how our planet works through play! Create volcanoes, sculpt mountains, and control the forces of nature with your fingertips.

Earth Primer defies existing genres, combining aspects of science books, toys, simulations, and games. It is a new kind of interactive experience which joins the guided quality of a book with open ended simulation play.


Earthquake activity.

Earth Labs (Visualizations)

Nice Earth Science visualizations.

Spatial Agent

Visualize world bank data.

Scale of the Universe

You'll loving endlessly zooming in and out. From the App Store:

The universe is not just bigger than we can imagine, it’s fair to say that it’s bigger than we imagine we can imagine. Scale of the universe is like the old videos and films going from sub atomic sizes up to universe size in steps of 10. You can drag the button to move from quantum foam at 10-35 up to the estimated size of our universe about 10 26.


Learn about how cities work by building your own.

The Earth (By TinyBop)

An unusual, visually interesting and hands-on app allowing kids of all ages to explore the inner workings of our amazing planet.

Universal Zoom

Another cool zooming in and out app.

Population Clock

How to feel really old. And really worried.

Cosmic Zoom

The universe in your hands.

ES Glossary

A good interactive Earth Science glossary.


This isn't an app (at least not yet), but it is a fantastic way to learn about what it takes to run your own country. I am besotted with Nation States, and I log in daily to solve issues. The goal (depending on how you play it) is to improve your political freedoms, civil liberties and economy. Teacher resources can be found here

Share the Meal

From the App Store:

Help children in need with just a tap on your phone! Together with the United Nations, you can change the world and end global hunger – whenever you want and wherever you are. It costs US $ 0.50 to feed one child for a day.


OK, so Zite is dead. Prismatic is a good replacement for all your Earth Science and environmental news. I'm still very sad about Zite though.

Living Earth

So pretty!



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