Use the Doohickey on the Gizmo: Point & Click Games to Level-Up Your Creativity



Here's my definition of creativity:


Creativity is the act of generating unique and useful solutions by combining divergent objects or ideas.


Thus, for me, true creativity always has the following elements:


  • Creativity is closely related to solving problems.
  • Creative endeavors must produce a product or an idea which can be used, and / or which has some other kind of value.
  • The way to find a new, creative solution is to combine vastly different ideas. No innovative idea or product is ever entirely new – instead, they take elements from existing thoughts and things and frankenstein them into something new.
  • Creativity is almost always fun, but it is also always hard work.



Point and click adventures are characterized by rich stories, frequent puzzles, linear quests (usually divided into several episodes, days or chapters) and weird and wonderful objects to collect along the way.

The great fun comes in trying to figure out what to do with what you've collected. The best point and click adventures allow you to combine the objects in strange and interesting ways before using them on either another object or person.

As such, these point and click adventures require a great deal of creative thought. A recurring theme in these games is getting stuck and trying all sorts of outlandish combinations until you figure out what is required. With most of these games, you do not die (at least not permanently), so you're free to experiment and try different things.

I've created a little list of recommended point and click adventures on Steam. I chose Steam first because it's where I download my games, but also because most of the games on steam are fairly cheap. If you prefer playing games on your tablet, there are quite a few point and click adventures available – just stay away from the 'hidden object' games as these tend to be dull and not much of a challenge to your creativity.

Steam doesn't have all the games I wanted to recommend, but it is a great jumping off point.

Just a word of warning: some of these can be quite graphic and even disturbing (I'm talking to you Edna and Harvey!), so please check out the age restrictions before allowing the younger members of your household to immerse themselves in a particular adventure.


(Click the link below or on the picture to be taken to the list)

Curated List of Creativity Enhancing Point and Click Games








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