10 Questions Employers Should Ask Potential Employees (And What the Answers Tell You)

  1. How would you evaluate the reliability of this fact I found on the internet? (Inclination towards critical thinking)
  2. Where would you most like to travel? (Wider interests.)
  3. What one thing could make the world a better place? (Social and / or environmental conscience)
  4. What do you tweet about most? (Honesty)
  5. You win $300 000 000. What do you do with the rest of your life? (Integrity)
  6. What’s your favorite chess tactic? (Strategic thinking)
  7. What stands out for you about the book you are currently reading? (Attention to detail)
  8. What is meant by ‘intelligence’? (Ability to think on your feet)
  9. You can invite anyone to a dinner party. Who do you invite? (Personal priorities / sense of humour)
  10. What are you currently learning about and what do you still want to learn? (Propensity for personal growth)
  11. How many questions did I ask you today? (Ability to see the bigger picture / focus / independent thought / response to failure)



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