If Buzzfeed Were to Describe the Daily Grind at a School

Sadly, I think they might actually buy some of these…

  • 10 Mind-Bending Facts About Dealing With Parents Who Think They Know Better Than You Do.
  • 20 Amazing Ways to Get Inspired by Marking Standardized Tests.
  • Fascinating Facts About Your Daily Register.
  • 50 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Playground Duty.
  • 5 Life Hacks to Help You Get The Most Out of Dull Staff Meetings.
  • You Won’t Believe These Mind-Blowing Late Slips.
  • 12 Super-Smart Ways to Enjoy Burnout.
  • 10 Facts About Mind-Numbing Academic Awards Ceremonies You Probably Didn’t Know.
  • 50 Cool Ways For Teachers to Enjoy Their Free Time Between 10 and 12pm.
  • 10 Brilliant Ways to Enjoy Strange and Interesting Aromas in Your Classroom.
  • Weird and Wonderful Facts About Detention.
  • Teachers: Take This Test To See How Addicted You Are to Coffee.
  • Get and Give Love During Endless Staff Training in 10 Easy Steps.
  • Your Marking Style and Your Personality: What It Means.
  • 20 Game-Changing Pieces of Advice for Teachers From the General Public Who Have No Idea What They’re Talking About.
  • Embracing Change: How to Love the Latest Misguided Initiative From the Education Department.
  • It Is What It Is: How to Accept Mediocrity.
  • 19 True Facts About Why Your Lesson Was Pointlessly Interrupted This Time.
  • Sir, Look at This: 31 Gross Growths You Won’t Be Able to Unsee.
  • Guess What’s Stuck Under the Table Today.
  • 3 Thoughts Every Teacher Has While Mindlessly Proctoring an Exam Session.
  • How Many Times Has Someone Drunkenly Sung ‘Brick in the Wall’ to You at a Party?
  • 21 Things That Would Happen If Anyone Cared What Buzzfeed Authors Said About Education and Schools.
  • The ABCs of the ABCs.
  • 72 Ways to Pretend That You’re Amazed By Teenagers’ ‘Insights’.
  • 19 Times Your Teaching Timetable Was Totally Badass.
  • The Three Phases of Trying to Make Ends Meet Every Month on a Teacher’s Salary.
  • Totally Shocking Pictures of That Four Month Old Sandwhich You Found Behind the Cupboard.
  • When Parents Do Projects.
  • Secrets of Success: How to Actualize Your Dreams by Creating Paperwork for the Sake of Paperwork.
  • “I Pay Your Salary”: Every Self-Important Parent-of-a-Genius Ever.



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