Learning Styles Are as Important as Ever. So Shut Up.


Learning styles have been 'discredited' – using the ability to recall facts as a baseline. They have “no measurable effect” – if you measure their effectiveness using standardized tests designed to test recall.

Meanwhile, in real teaching and learning (where we teach a bit more than facts to be regurgitated) they are as important as ever.

So please stop using the saying that “learning styles have discredited, don't you know” to justify your monotonous, dull, one-size-fits-all lessons.

A longer rant here: Learning Styles


That is all.




About Sean Hampton-Cole

Fascinated by thinking & why it goes wrong➫ (Un)teacher ➫iPadologist ➫Humanist ➫Stirrer ➫Edupunk ➫Synthesist ➫Introvert ➫Blogger ➫Null Hypothesist.
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