How to Become Well-Read

There’s so much more to a book than just the reading. Maurice Sendak

So you want to become ‘well-read’?

When reading try to think your way through the experience. Form an opinion about what it is you’re reading and/ or try remember a few key facts. Being well-read is not just about how much you read, but how well you’ve understood what you’ve read. It is just as easy to be poorly-read after having read many books as it is to be well-read without having read much. I have friends who read a book a year or fewer, and yet I consider them well-read because they can discuss what they’ve read in remarkable detail.

Being well-read is about reading what you read well, that is: understanding it and making it your own, not about reading as much as you possibly can. That said, though, reading widely does help you to forge stronger, better reasoned and more diverse ideas.




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