Things That Can’t Hurt in Education (That Actually Do)

Check your horoscope now and then, why don’t you? It can’t hurt.

Drink three glasses of water before 10am. They say you need eight a day. And it helps you lose weight. It can’t hurt.

Add a multivitamin or three to your daily supplement intake. And why not some herbs and minerals and essential compounds? An antioxidant or two, some wort and some root and you’re set. It can’t hurt.

Try a bit of feng-shui around the house, why don’t you. And check out that lottery you didn’t enter that you just won. It can’t hurt. Surely.

Grab your lucky rabbit’s foot, your four-leaf clover and your misprinted penny. Avoid black cats, open umbrellas and walking under ladders. You need all the luck you can get. And it can’t really hurt. Can it?

Give your kids as much homework as you can. It can’t hurt.

And there’s nothing wrong with a bit of stress. It gets them motivated. Surely that can’t hurt?

The classroom is no place for fun. Keep things strict and disciplined and focussed at all times. A bit of rigor can’t hurt.

Pummel kids with as much content as you can in a lesson. Stand and deliver. It’s their job as students to digest and remember it all. How can that hurt?

Let’s test and examine kids as often as we can using standardized assessments. How else will we know that they know? It can’t hurt. Can it?

Only, it can – and it does.



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