10 Things to Learn in Life


So then I came across this on Reddit:


As faithful readers of this blog know, I have a severe allergy towards 'self-help' and pop psychology of any kind. I believe that people like Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins and Rhonda Byrne are the snake oil peddlers of the twenty-first century. They should be rounded up and forced to sit in a room and listen to their own drivel over and over again until they repent and vow to never again sell people false hope. I don't care who moved my cheese, I will not 'visualize' my way to happiness and contentment and I do not want to activate my inner archetypal quantum chakras.

I am also most certainly not any kind of model of success and perfection to those seeking advice and enlightenment.

Nonetheless, I did find the question intriguing and wondered what 10 things I would recommend another person should know. Honestly, I haven't learnt all these skills myself yet (especially numbers 4 And 10), but I still think they're worth doing.

10 Things to Learn

  1. How to create unsucky presentations: http://pinterest.com/seanhc/create-unsucky-presentations/
  2. Some basic computer skills: How to search effectively, troubleshooting basic problems, engaging social media, using a spreadsheet programme and formatting a document.
  3. Know a bit about how your own brain works – and how often it misfires. Here's a good place to start: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cognitive_biases
  4. How to speak and write convincingly and engagingly.
  5. Develop at least five techniques for generating novel, creative solutions.
  6. Learn to think critically and independently.
  7. Do something artistic or creative. No matter how bad you are at it initially.
  8. Grow your sense of empathy / compassion / understanding – for even the most frustrating and seemingly least deserving people.
  9. How to drive responsibly and courteously in a variety of conditions.
  10. Know when to speak up… and when to shut up.
  11. Learn to learn.
  12. Finally, learn to break free of your own constraints: If you think you'll only manage 10 things, push for 12!

What would you add?










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