Enduring Disappointment: On The Ruling Party & the National Soccer Team in South Africa

Support for the ruling party in South Africa follows the same trends as support for the national soccer team: despite the fact that they haven't achieved anything really worth shouting about for at least a decade, and despite the fact that they are amongst the lowest ranked in the world, and despite the fact that they're a constant source of disappointment, they still have an incredibly strong following. All this despite the huge amount of natural resources and infrastructure they have at their disposal.

Both our national players and our politicians seem convinced that they are worth something just because of who they are, and seem reluctant to work hard to make things better. Both are overpaid, self-aggrandizing and lazy – with almost no regard for the hopes and dreams of their supporters.

The few victories which are achieved are blown out of all proportion, but these are most definitely the exception rather than the rule.

Individuals come and go (some of them not quickly enough), but the fundamental structures of both football and government are pathologically rotten, and so things never really seem to change.

Fortunately even the most ardent fans will eventually look for a team more worthy of support. We've given them two decades. Surely we can't shoulder the disappointment for much longer?




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