10 Predictions for 2015


Predicating the future: everybody’s doing it. I think I get how it’s done.

I have caste the bones. I have read the entrails. I have consulted the crystal.

Here are my ‘predictions’ for 2015:

  • There will be an economic crisis in a European country.
  • A politician will be disgraced.
  • A major Hollywood star will pass away.
  • There will be a passenger disaster (ship or plane).
  • There will be an earthquake or eruption on the Pacific ring of fire.
  • Terrorists will attack a major western city.
  • Racial tensions in the US reach crisis point.
  • Oil.
  • New York
  • A sea-change moment in time for humanity.

All these things will come to pass.

I just wish I could predict the Lottery numbers.

(From the Tongue-in-Cheek Department)

Now you too can learn to be a psychic: http://www.skeptic.com/downloads/10_Easy_Psychic_Lessons.pdf



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