Against the stream

The best teacher I know shares her thoughts on ‘streaming’ classes. Definitely worth a close read…

Buzzing Blue Room


Every teacher has a few classes that will forever be special to them. My very first Grade 10 Art class was one of these. My first class of boys was another. These are classes where things just click. The students get you, and you get them. These are the classes where you soon share little insider jokes with your students, where conflict is almost non-existent and teaching is easy.

I had a class like that this year. I love and adore them on every possible level and, yesterday, when I had to say goodbye to them, I cried. They were funny and charming and insightful. I know it will be a good few years before I have a class this special again. I will have other classes, and there will be successes and failures. It will be good. But they will not be my 10Cs.

Here, however, is the rub.

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