OK, your nominations for most under-rated movie of the modern era?

Did you mention ‘Unleashed’?

Not many do.

The movie stars Morgan Freeman, Bob Hoskins and Jet Li. It’s this last actor, I think, which turns most serious movie-watchers away. But it shouldn’t. Although he hardly says anything, Mr Li is as good as his co-actors. Here’s how an IMDB user summarizes the plot of Unleashed:

At its heart, Unleashed is a simple, tender exposition of the issue of fate vs. free will.


These are some of my favorite quotes from the movie:

“Bet you’ve never had a dream in your life, have you? Must be peaceful.”

“Piano’s are like people, you pound on a person, they get out of tune.”

“Music’s gotta flow from within. Can’t flow if you’re stiff. Just relax.”

“If you can’t do what I’ve trained you to do, what use are you?”

“Victoria and I are not big on asking questions, when a person is ready, they’ll give their answers.”

“Should I get him?”

“No, let him get himself.”

“Maybe he doesn’t know how.”

“Well, let’s give him the opportunity to learn, nothing like self-discovery to turn a boy into a man.”

“She kissed me.”

“Yes, I know, she does that. How was it?”


“Is that all?”


“Wet and Nice. That’s what a kiss ought to feel like.”

“Kisses are complicated. For now, let’s just stick to melons.”

“The thing about ice-cream is that first it’s cold, then it’s sweet. If you freeze your mouth you’ll never taste the sweet part.”

“You miss your mom?”

“Everyday. You miss your mom?”

“I don’t remember my mom.”

“Sometimes I think it would be easier not to remember.”

“It was so nice we decided to walk the long way.”

“Sometimes I worry about that boy. It is as if someone or something has made him shut down his feelings so hard that he can’t get in touch with them.”

“Everything is new about you now; your clothes, your hair, your whole life. This is the last thing left. I think it is time to put the last thing away, don’t you?”

“Don’t dwell on the past. Look to the future. The past is behind you, the future ahead of you, a bright, glittering mountain of gold.”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t want to hurt people anymore.”

“Danny, that’s what you do. You hurt people.”

“Not anymore.”

“The master commands and the dog obeys.”

“Well, Sweety, sometimes being happy is just not enough. Sometimes people have to go and fix the things that made them unhappy before they were happy.”

“I could help him.”

“I know. Sometimes people have to do things themselves.”

“Sometimes in families you need a little tragedy, just to bring everybody back together.”

“Wait son, wait now, before we go running anywhere, let’s stop, take a deep breath, and decide what is going on.”

“This is your refuge? This is your home away from home, your place of awakening? Art, books, music? For what? Did it make you a better person?”

“Look what you’ve made of it. Nice people took you in, they give you everything, and look how you repaid them. You destroyed their lives.”

“You’re a dog. You’re my dog. I fed you, I trained you, I own you. I should kill you, like a responsible owner would do to a dog that causes this much pain, this much suffering. But, the heart…”

“You’ll be safe, back in the world that you understand.”

“I know just how confusing the world can get. We’ll make it simple again. You, me, a cozy little life.”

“You’ll never, ever be anything but a dog. You’ll never escape what you are.”



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