A Controversial Philosophy Assignment for 1st Year University Students (And Other Pretentious Types)


Watch the movie Fight Club* and then answer any of these questions in the form of a discursive essay:

  • To what extent is your identity determined by advertisers?

  • Is schizophrenia the inevitable result of hyper-consumerism?

  • Is revolutionary activity only achievable through some form of violence?

  • What role do the media play in keeping you docile?

  • Do your parents and teachers coerce conformity?

  • Is it even possible to think for yourself?

  • What things do you edit out of your consciousness?

  • What role does organised religion play in creating an apathetic society?

  • Is modern, urbanized society a breeding ground for insanity?

  • Who determines what’s normal?

  • In the age of the internet, ignorance is a choice. Discuss.

  • The meek shall inherit the Earth. Or will they?


You will be marked on:

  1. How well you develop and support your thoughts.
  2. How well you consider both sides of the argument.
  3. The logical flow / structure of your essay.
  4. Integrating contemporary affairs / issues in a meaningful way.
  5. Your creative flair.
  6. Insight.

Send me a link to your final essay.

* You need to be over 18 to watch this film.



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