6 Calming Mantras for Teaching With Tech

These are the mantras I would like every person I help to integrate technology into their teaching to chant quietly to themselves from their sternums when they begin to feel overwhelmed or despondent or negative. Chanting these mantras will realign your pedagogic chakras and make things a whole lot more manageable.


1. The Personalization Chakra:

Repeat in a flat monotone, speaking from deep inside yourself:

Find something that works for me… Find something that works for me…



2. The Zen of Small Things:

Chant this:

Start with one small thing… Start with one small thing…



3. The Tree Buddha Chant:

Intone this peacefully:

Paper LESS before paperless. (Repeat serenely until calm)




4. The Engagement Intonation:

Tech in schools is about student-driven learning.

(Meditate on this koan until you are at one with the chaos.)




5. The Van Gogh Protocol:

It’s about creation, not consumption.



6. The Newness Canto:

Embrace positive change.








Actually there are quite a few more I should have added. Among them:

‘Good tech without good teaching isn’t good.’ and

‘There will be problems… patience.’




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