Fact: Science is True For You Too

It's funny how often people's response to a new piece of research is “well I don't believe that”, or “that's not true for me”.

Sometimes this response is justifiable – particularly if the methodology is suspect. Bad science needs to be questioned. (Like when educational researchers use memorization as a benchmark for learning in studies of which pedagogical approaches work best.) But most often what these responses mean, no matter how well argued, is that people simply don't want the results to be true.

The wonderful thing about science done right is that the results are real. Whether you believe them to be true or not is of no consequence.



One comment

  1. I notice a lot of people question science because our knowledge is always increasing, as if that were a bad thing. I hear, “Oh, last week it was this; this week’s it’s that. I’ll just do whatever I want (health-wise, for instance), because next week it’ll change.” If science doesn’t allow a person to believe or behave in whatever way they please, it must not be true.


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