25 Questions Every 21st Century Student Should Be Able to Answer


What is the value of creativity?

How do I evaluate the reliability of a website?

How do I stay safe online?

Why is metacognition important?

How do I learn most effectively?

How do I create an engaging presentation?

How do I keep my brain healthy?

How do I manage my time effectively?

What are the common fallacies in arguments?

What productivity apps should I use?

Why is the scientific method important?

How do I spot chicanery and fraudulent thinking?

How do I analyze a text critically?

How do I write and speak to convince others?

Why is standing up for myself and being assertive important?

Why is it important to be kind to others?

Why is it important to be kind to nature?

What things can I do to ensure a sustainable, equitable future?

Why is it important to fail?

Why should I be courageous and determined?

Why is it important to read?

Why is it important to sleep?

How do I manage my money?

Why is art important?

Why is it important to find mentors?

And a few more:

How does my brain work?


How do I work effectively as part of a team?


Why is important to be curious and to learn about things independently?


How can I find my own way to be happy rather than sticking to some formula?


Why is it important to question and think for myself?




Got any to add?

This post was inspired by this piece of brilliance by one of my favorite education gurus: Mr Terry Heick:



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