How Training Cats is Like Teaching Kids

Ever tried to train a cat? I'm talking the kind of training it takes to get them to do tricks – not potty training or not-scratching-the-furniture training. I can't say as I have ever tried. It must be nearly impossible, but it must be doable. However, knowing cats, I do think you would have break the poor thing's spirit a little and stifle a good chunk of its independence to get it to do what you want, the way you want, when you want.

I reckon teaching kids (of any age) is fraught with the same potential pitfalls. But it does get a little easier as they grow older because they've so often had their wilder spirits squashed before they reach you. The good thing, though, is – unlike trained cats – human children do not need to spend the rest of their lives cowering skittishly, they can have their spirits lifted and their independence reinvigorated.




  1. Consider this: humans only think they train their cats, the truth, as any cat “owner” will tell you, is that cats train their humans.
    Would it then mean that while teachers think they are training kids, we are actually being trained by them? Much of what happens in my classroom is making sense now.


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