Real Horror Stories to Make You Cringe and Quiver


I don’t really like horror stories. Except for the kind Stephen King writes. But he doesn’t really write horror, he writes stories which sometimes have a supernatural edge. But Mr King’s true talent is to write about the horror which exists inside human beings. And man, does he write that well. The real horror is not malevolent clowns and evil cars and hidden demons – it’s seemingly regular people who reveal their inner demons.

All of which got me thinking about the true horrors which pervade the thin veil of what we call civilization.

I’ve summarized each blood-curdling horror as the title of a book. Behind each title is a horde of scary tales and frightful thoughts which makes me despair for the fate of humankind. The fact that some of these titles actually exist makes them even more frightening.

  • Evolution is Just a Theory
  • War is Inevitable
  • Capitalism Works
  • It’s Dog Eat Dog
  • Paper Books Are Dead
  • In God’s Hands
  • Poor Africa
  • The History Channel
  • Stop Thinking So Much
  • Our Education System is Fine As It Is
  • Shame, They’re Hungry
  • Religion Heals
  • The Importance of Managers
  • Global Warming is a Myth
  • Get Rich Quick
  • Help for Introverts
  • White Power
  • Party Politics
  • Winners Never Quit
  • Out With the Old
  • Art Has No Purpose
  • Extreme Makeover
  • Alternative Medicine
  • The Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Organic Food is Better For You
  • The Formula for Success
  • Being Cruel to be Kind
  • Man Up!
  • Zombies Are Pure Fiction
  • Make It True By Believing It
  • Armchair Activism
  • Focus on the Moment
  • The Girl’s Guide to Finding a Rich Husband
  • No to Free Public Health Care!
  • An Internet Connection is a Privilege
  • My Gun, My Rights
  • Invisible Casualties
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Historical Revisionism
  • Hollywood Celebrities
  • Let it Happen
  • The Daily Grind

That’s enough.

I’m getting back to my Stephen King novel. At least the monsters there are fictional. And they go away when I close the pages.





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