An Open Letter to Google: What About Africa?

Dear Google

You have broken so many rules. You do things so differently. You are the first and last word in innovation. You are slowly making the world a better place. Well, most of the world anyway.

You see, it seems you’ve forgotten about Africa. And Africa needs you. Specifically, Africa’s young people need you. You see, Africa has no Googliness, and we need this innovativeness to unlock the hidden potential of the continent.


  • Schools having access to low bandwidth versions of Google Apps.
  • Infrastructure which allows WI-FI access to scholars and adult learners.
  • Literacy, numeracy and entrepreneurial courses offered to Africans, by Africans, for Africans on Course Builder.
  • Preloaded, low cost Chromebooks and Nexus tablets at high performing but poorly resourced schools.
  • Assistance for businesses in setting up and maintaining Google Apps for Business.
  • App development / software coding competitions (perhaps with scholarship prizes).
  • Online teacher training.
  • How about a Google School. Or a whole network of them? The syllabus?: Googliness!

(A $100 3D printer invented in Africa? Read more here.)

Believe it or not, much of the continent has the ability to connect to the internet now in the palm of their hands. The problem is with the infrastructure and support – especially at schools. Microsoft and Apple have a growing presence on the continent, but not Google. You’re here, but not really.

Isn’t it time you visited in Africa? Come on down and see us. You could do so much good here. And perhaps even profit over the long term. See it as an investment.

Give me a shout if you’d like a guide.




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