Controversial Tweets I’ll Never Send


If students had the same attitude towards learning new things as teachers do, teaching would be very trying indeed. #olddogs #sigh

Schooling is essentially indoctrination – kids are brainwashed into religion, political apathy, middle class values and helpless consumerism. #openminds #diseducation

There ought to be an IQ test to determine who gets to vote – but then the 'dumb vote' is something every party desires above all others. #democracy #sheeple

The biggest environmental threat is our collective egoism: we think we deserve to be the dominant species & thus to exploit, abuse & plunder nature. #illogical #deathbasedcycle

There ought to be a limit to the amount of opinions dumb people are allowed to have. That way, maybe they would choose them more discriminately.

Perhaps the best way to measure intelligence is by the volume of books you read. #readersarethinkers

Introverts would take over the world, because our ideas are so much better than the loud mouths' – but we'd rather be alone, reading. #overlookedresources

My favourite country in the world is the Czech Republic. The reason: about 90% are atheists & in Prague they've converted churches into music recital venues.

People who are against Socialism 'in principle' have no principles. They're so busy protecting what's theirs that the destitute have no place in their consciences.

How you spell says nothing about who you are as a person. Whether you check and correct your errors does. #grammarnazi

Isn't it strange that those who love conspiracy theories most are also those who are the most religious. #skepticism

Retweeting and liking a bleeding heart post does not give the hungry food or the homeless shelter or the abused comfort. #slacktivism

Crude jokes are often funny. #snort

People who go to shopping centers and restaurants with their children and proceed to get on everyone's nerves should be neutered. #yourkidsareannoying

#YOLO really doesn't mean what you think it means. nor does 'awesome'.

Anyone who falls for an internet / email scam that is too good to be true deserves what they get. Because it is.

Stop telling me to think outside of the box. You are the box. #creativityisnotwhatyouthinkitis

Google isn't making kids dumb. Bad assignments and lazy teachers are. #googleisgreat #useitproperly #criticalthinking

Conspiracy theories, astrology & alternative medicine all 'work' because adherents don't really understand the difference between causation &correlation. #darkages

Stop telling me to prove that something doesn't exist or isn't the case. You cannot prove a negative. #rationalthinking #logicalfallacies #sayitaintso

Stop making a rule out of an exception. #theresthisoneguy

The biggest dabblers in any kind of logical fallacy are teachers and parents. #slipperyslope #gamblersfallacy

If you allow the media to tell you what's important then you're missing out on what's really going on. #slownewsdaysarent #hiddenagendas

No single group of people are as dumb as the anti-GMO crowd. We've been genetically manipulating food for 10000 years. Oh, & junk food ≠ GMOs. #organicfoodisntorganic




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