40 More Things Students Don’t Say

You have got to love Twitter. It’s often a swarming sea of insignificance – but just as often, a wriggling marlin of a post breaks the surface. Here’s what I reeled in this morning:


Ah, Blunt Educator, you said it so well. But you didn’t say enough. Here are a few more

Things Students Don’t Say:

      • Standardized tests really allow me to demonstrate my learning in a personalized way.
      • The curriculum really is more important than I am. No really, it is!
      • School is definitely about how well I do in the exams.
      • My education is preparing me for life.
      • I don’t feel like I am just a number.
      • I agree that technology is too distracting to be used in lessons.
      • I love not having a say in what I learn.
      • Who needs to be taught how to think better when I get to learn facts by heart?
      • It’s incredible how relevant most of my learning is.
      • There is no need to establish connections between what I learn in different subjects.
      • I hate working independently.
      • School allows me to discover and develop my own interests.
      • I can see myself having a life-long love affair with learning.
      • The degree to which I can collaborate and exchange ideas with my classmates is awesome.
      • At school, I get to learn to solve problems creatively.
      • School makes me feel like I can change the world for the better.
      • Thinking critically about the information which comes my way is something I do every day at my school.
      • I know how meaningless it is to cut and paste information from the internet.
      • Homework really helps me to practice and apply the concepts I’ve learnt in class meaningfully.
      • Struggling with homework has played a huge role in developing my character.
      • Yes, a ‘B’ symbol accurately summarizes who I am as a person.
      • My heavy school bag makes my back stronger.
      • I have ample time to think and reflect at school.
      • Being compared to others really motivates me.
      • I love my teacher’s decades-old notes and worksheets.
      • Who needs digital textbooks?
      • It’s good to learn from a young age not to question authority.
      • I will give my teachers respect even if they don’t give me any.
      • There really is only one way to learn.
      • I love it when my teacher writes on the board and we have to copy it down.
      • As a boy, I really feel that school is designed to capture my attention by making me sit still.
      • As a girl, being socialized into being compliant will stand me in good stead for an independent future.
      • I love that I get to learn something by failing.
      • As an introvert, I love hearing about how ‘coming out of my shell’ will be good for me one day.
      • Yes, I think the STEM subjects are more important than the arts and humanities.
      • There is absolutely no need for teachers to update their skills.
      • My teachers set the example by modeling curiosity and the ongoing quest for knowledge.
      • I would hate to have to see what kids in other classes around the world are doing.
      • I love having an input into the syllabus and how it is taught.
      • Words like ‘rigor’ and ‘academics’ and ‘tradition’ inspire me.
      • Wow! Academic awards ceremonies are the highlight of my year.
      • There is no need for any kind of enrichment which goes beyond the syllabus.
      • It’s wonderful how students who struggle are made to feel inferior at my school.
      Any to add?


      Be good.





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