iPads in Teaching – What Are They For?

This picture was drawn in response to a post called ‘Drawing On A Napkin: Is This How iPads Function In A Traditional Classroom?‘ by the esteemed Terry Heick.

Mine was not drawn on a napkin, but on Notability. And, to answer that snarky Johannesburg based iPad trainer who cannot believe I can do what I do using the iPad, yes I did create it myself!

This is what I think iPads are ‘for’ in education. Let me know what you think.


Have a groovy day, baby.





  1. That is a great response Sean. Coming to this debate from a 1-1 Windows notebook school with Moodle VLE and Mahara I do worry that I dont see enough sharing and peer reflection with some us of ipads and much more of a focus on end product. Would be lovely to see that aspect of collaboration, review and co-construction feature in your doodle or maybe I have taken the routes too literally? Many thanks for sharing, Gideon


  2. Really like the simplicity! A magical device in the hands of creative teachers does give the students meaningful and deep learning experiences !


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