Debbies, Dillons and DNA

Have you ever noticed how sporty boys are a bit slow in class? Or how all girls named Debbie are always a little shallow? Or how the Dillons you teach are always a bit naughty? Or how Asian kids tend to be so good at Math?

Have you ever noticed how when, at a parent-teacher conference, you meet the parents, you suddenly understand the child better? And suddenly you know where they get their intelligence from?

As a great teacher, I know you've answered 'no' to all of these questions. You know that it is your expectations and your own responses to children that determines how they behave and how they achieve in your class, not something silly like their names or gender or race.

And you know that intelligence has almost nothing to do with genetics, because you've done your research. You know it is all about the environment they grow up in.

But most importantly, as a professional thinker, you know that silly correlations, unscientific assumptions and so-called common sense can be very dangerous indeed.

And if you are suddenly a little bit embarrassed because you now realize that you've been wrong about kids having in-born traits, then thank you for taking the time to revise your point of view. And thank you for doing your bit to help the young people in your care to become who they want to be, not some stunted version of who you think they were born to be.





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One Response to Debbies, Dillons and DNA

  1. Parents: READ to your children, please. Every. Single. Night. Until they leave primary school. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

    This is one of the KEY ‘creators’ of intelligence. The second key is to simply HAVE many books in your home. You don’t even have to read the books. You just have to HAVE the damn things. So even if you’re an ignorant moron, give your kids a way up and out by giving them intelligence.

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