How to Use Your iPad: A Checklist of Skills

iPad ChecklistWant to go from iPad noob to iPad ninja in just a few days? Use this checklist to guide your development, grasshopper.

Click here to download the PDF version: iPad Skills Checklist or click 'Read More' below to access the full sized image.

Please also see these pages on iPads in education:

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2) iTeaching

3) Apps for Teaching Earth Sciences

4) The Best Apps for Teachers

5) Apps for Learning Chess

6) Apps for Creative Teachers And Students

Drop me a reply or a tweet to let me know how you're getting on or if you need any advice.

Suggestions as to omissions are also most welcome.

Have fun!

iPad for cats

iPad Checklist




  1. Hey Sean…

    I’ve progressed from my iPad 1 to an iPad 2 (thanks specifically to Jen having been gifted an iPad 4 as a thank you present from a kid in her class).

    I have to strongly advise you to upgrade. It’s a VERY different machine from the iPad 1. Camera, more memory, faster multitasking, latest operating system. Everything is just so much better on the 2. And Jen is loving the 4.


      • It was such a surprise. Best gift she’s ever been given by a kid in her class.

        I haven’t checked this out… but apparently the iStore gives trade-ins on old iPads.

        However, you might wanna keep the old iPad, and use it a second screen for computer, using AIR DISPLAY. I recommend this.


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