Create magical experiences using these 3 lessons from Harry Potter

David Theriault talks uses magical metaphors from Harry Potter to reveal the amazing potential of apps in education…

: the readiness is all

Harry Potter succeeds as a story because it powerfully mixes magic and love: these two words when combined with the latest technology tools (Padlet, ThingLink, IFTTT) can easily create a magical and memorable experience for you, your friends, students, audience… anyone.

Poor Harry Potter, stuck in a world of Muggles. Most teachers who don’t use the latest technology live like young Harry Potter. They have no clue what powers they have trapped within them. Luckily for Harry, Hagrid shows up to save the day. The first time we see some purposeful magic is when Hagrid lights a soothing fire. There’s nothing astounding about the fire, except that it’s the right magic at the right time.

The second time we see magic is when Hagrid gives Dudley Dursley a pig’s tail. Once again the magic isn’t all that special, but there’s an element of fun and a lesson learned.

But for…

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