40 Ideas for ‘Thinking Teaching’ Hour… Add Yours.

A woman thinking
A woman thinking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like many schools these days, mine has a Thinking Teaching group. We get together as often as we can to discuss ideas around teaching and best practice. The group is very diverse and very vocal and very stimulating.



The rules are:

  • There are no leaders, only moderators.
  • You must do some background reading. Your thoughts and experiences in the classroom are important, but so is the latest research.
  • We will all try to find something to try out in the classroom.
  • No one person may speak for more than a few minutes.
  • At the end of each session, a topic for the next one is decided.
  • Sessions last an hour.

Categories in the cognitive domain of Bloom's ...

Here are some topics I would like to explore. Perhaps you, dear reader, could make use of them. Perhaps you could even add a few you would like to see in the comment box below…

  1. Become a Google ninja (How to get the best results, fight plagiarism and make the internet your friend).
  2. How not to be frightened of technology.
  3. Can we teach wisdom?
  4. Teaching beyond the test.
  5. Handling grade Nazis (parents and students).
  6. Rethinking learning spaces.
  7. How to hack the curriculum.
  8. Projects vs. project-based learning.
  9. Finding the time.
  10. Infusing critical thinking across the curriculum.
  11. What’s the point of creativity?
  12. Meta-cognition: providing a backstage tour of learning.
  13. Why we need to teach children to think.
  14. 20% time.
  15. Flipping everything (Lessons, Bloom’s and Assessments).
  16. App exchange hour.
  17. Collaborative Learning and Teaching
  18. Design Thinking In Education
  19. Philosophy to Enhance the Curriculum
  20. The Value of Failure
  21. Teaching Boys Better
  22. 20% Time
  23. Google Apps and File Management
  24. Advanced Ipad Training
  25. Plagiarism-Proofing Your Assignments
  26. Inter-Departmental Integration
  27. The Most Useful Word and Excel Tips and Tricks
  28. YouTube Like A Boss
  29. Teaching the Controversy
  30. Why Finland Does It Better
  31. Blogging For Teachers and Students
  32. Curing Teacher Burnout
  33. Games in Education
  34. Create Better Presentations
  35. The Principles of 21st Century Education
  36. Brain-Based Learning
  37. From Degrading To De-grading
  38. Twitter in the Classroom
  39. Digital Teaching and Learning Best Practice
  40. Crowd-sourcing in the Classroom