50 Things Every Teacher Needs

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50 Things Every Teacher Needs

1. Wet wipes.

2. A sense of humour.

3. The desire to learn new things every day.

4. A globe or map of the world.

5. A dictionary.

6. A bookshelf stocked with various fiction and non-fiction titles.

7. A towel. Seriously. It’s amazing how often you need one.

8. A locking cupboard.

9. A Calvin and Hobbes cartoon.

10. A laminated copy of the Desiderata.

11. A class mascot.

12. Selective hearing.

13. Coffee. Lots of coffee.

14. At least one ‘admin’ period per day.

15. Knowing when to lie and when to be completely honest.

16. A class theme song. Here’s mine.

17. A paper recycling bin.

18. A drop-file filing cabinet.

19. A spare stapler.

20. A box or drawer full of spare pens and pencils.

21. A pile of magazines.

22. An Internet connection.

23. Patience.

24. Energy.

25. The ability to get angry at the right things, at the right times.

26. The ability to learn from failure.

27. Enthusiasm.

28. A good night’s sleep.

29. Comfortable shoes.

30. A class white board / pin board / ideas box.

31. The ability to know when to back off.

32. Strong acting skills.

33. The ability to do some basic magic.

34. The ability to say the same thing in different ways… as many times as it takes.

35. A range of plug points and double adapters.

36. An electrical extension cord.

37. The ability to switch perspectives.

38. Tissues.

39. A change of clothes.

40. A good lunch.

41. Deodorant.

42. Back up tooth paste and toothbrush.

43. Strong arms.

44. Paper clips.

45. A heater and a fan.

46. A chess set or two.

47. A large-key calculator.

48. An iPad.

49. Plasters.

50. Headache tablets.

Got any to add…?



  1. 51. An informal unpaid assistant (aka ‘life partner’, ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’, ‘husband/wife’). I’m Jennifer’s informal unpaid assistant. When she needs someone to rush off to China Mall to buy 24 blank papier mache half-face masks + paint, I’m the one that does it.

    This function requires understanding and passion. Teachers who don’t have a supportive partner will have a difficult time in life.


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